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Matthew King on 'Spreadsheet Assassins'

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Recommended: At The Baffler, Matthew King takes aim at one of the latest plagues of post-capitalism: "software as a service."

Whether it’s SaaS, superapps, blockchains, or whatever format comes next, the trajectory of recent Silicon Valley “innovation” remains the same: a hint of genuine productivity and a heavy dose of old-school land-grabbing and value extraction. Software in its many varieties impose a growing tax across modern life, whether for the lowly consumer aghast at a three-figure toaster subscription, or the Fortune 500 CEO, handed a list of dozens of six-figure software tools. The grift seems to be reaching a climax, and the bubble can’t pop soon enough.

Read it at The Baffler.

Spreadsheet Assassins | Matthew King
“Software as a service” is taking over the economy. The bubble can’t pop soon enough.

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