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Ed Zitron: 'The People Killing Facebook'

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Recommended: In two posts at Where's Your Ed At, Ed Zitron writes that Facebook's days of dominance may finally be numbered—and it is very much their own damn fault.

Every single terrible thing you see on Facebook — be it some sort of horrible right wing nonsense or a confusing and annoying product decision — is made in pursuit of growth. Every bit of damage that Meta has caused to the world has been either an act of ignorance or deliberate harm, at many times tweaking the product to make it harder or more annoying to use so that you will log onto Facebook or Instagram multiple times a day and spend as much time on there as possible.

This should explain why both Instagram and Facebook are so utterly abysmal to use. Meta’s company culture is one of sycophancy and user abuse, and both of these apps are deliberately engineered to get in the way of what you want to do as a means of increasing your engagement, even if said engagement is won because the thing you’re engaging with is actively fighting you.

Read it at Where's Your Ed At.

The People Deliberately Killing Facebook
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