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Brian Beutler: 'Democrats should still care how real journalists cover the news'

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Recommended: At Off Message, Brian Beutler on right-leaning frames in national media coverage.

This is why I don’t take much solace in data showing mainstream news consumers are Biden’s best cohort, broken down by media-consumption habits, or in the corollary idea, quickly becoming fashionable on the left and in liberal politics, that Democrats are wasting their time working mainstream refs and should ply that effort into reaching people (or competing for eyeballs) on non-traditional platforms.

Surely both are important. But one is much easier than the other. And the whole counter-critique is built atop the false conceit that newspapers and national network news don’t seed the factoids and memes and propaganda that people ultimately scroll past on social media. 

Read it at Off Message.

Yes, Democrats Should Still Care How Real Journalists Cover The News
Just because most mainstream news consumers are already Biden voters, doesn’t mean big problems with mainstream news coverage don’t seep into the larger culture.

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