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Thoughts on the 'Newsletter' feature?

1 min read

Well, we've reached a milestone: we've sent out our first "a new post is up on Uncharted Blue" newsletter. And we've reached a second milestone: The darn thing being slightly broken, with one of the two links working and one not working. If you see a "404 error" on clicking the bottom link, that's what I'm talking about.

What do y'all think about the newsletter format? This is the part of the experiment I'm most unsure of. I'm pretty certain nobody wants to read entire posts in their email box, which is the way most newsletters are structured: It's good for short summaries but not for anything you want to actually sit down and spend time with.

I do think that many people will want to get an email when a new feature story goes up (no more than one a day maximum, but probably less) just so they're reminded to take a look. So I can see the value of the feature, I just don't think "send the entire post" works for any post actually worth reading.

I'm experimenting with sending out only the headline and a brief excerpt, which is the part that's not quite working right yet. But I wonder if it's still too "fancy" an email, and if something even shorter would be better.



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